These are things you will need for your pet.

Necessary Edit

Dog bowl

A pet dish.

Pet Dish Edit

You will need two of these, one for water and one for food. Any style or make is fine, as long as it's durable.
Dog toy bones

Dog toy bones are perfect for chewing.

Also, you will need pet food (pet food can be either croquettes, canned meat or milk for puppies, or kittens).

Pet Toys Edit

These are very good for dogs, as dogs like chewy toys and things like that. They are necessary for dogs beacause in the age of 3 - 5 months old they change teeth and chew everything that happens to be in their way. That's the reason little dogs "eat" slippers.
Cat litter tray

A litterbox.

Cat litter

Litter gems.

Cats like toys as well, but a piece of string can even make them happy.

Litterbox Edit

For cats only, a litterbox is where cats can go to the washroom. Either comes with a litter scooper or is sold apart. However, the best of all might be the litter gems as they absorb most the dirt.

You can get a big one for your dogs if you would like that, but they usually go outside.

Pet leash

A leash indentical for both cats and dogs.

Leash Edit

For dogs only, dogs must be walked on daily. You attach it to them, and take them out for a walk. There are also retractable dog leashes with locking system to control the length of the leash (which automatically retract).

Cat leashes are also available, but a cat must be walked on it since it is a little older than a kitten to like it. (Good age: 7-10 months old)

Optional Edit

Dog carrier

A pet carrier.

Pet Carrier Edit

To bring your pet with you. This isn't really needed that much, but if you would like your pet to join you on a trip then yes.

Dog collar

A collar.

Collar Edit

This is optional, as well, but it lets people know that your pet belongs to you.

Although you won't need a collar very much if you live in an appartment, it will be necessary if you live in a suburb or in the countryside. They are also cute!

Dog flap

A dog flap.

Dog Flap Edit

For dogs only, a dog flap gives dogs easy access in and out of the house. This isn't necessary for a house but, it will make your life easier as your dog won't scrach the door (or bark) until you open it.

There are also cat flaps for cats if you would like one for your cat.

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