Persian cat
Lynx Point Persian cat

The Persian is the longest haired of the breeds, and it originated from the United Kingdom. The Persian is an excellent example of a show cat. Its quiet placid nature and stamina make it easy to handle. The Persian is recognised as a CFA breed (Cat Fancier's Association breed). The persian is also among the breeds most resistant to cold weather through its long coat, concluding that the breed must have originated from high densisty and cold weather regions. People who choose to keep Persians as pets should consider keeping the hair short for body temperature regulation.

Grooming Edit

The Persian cat requires daily grooming to keep the coat in good condition. Most cats groom themselves as well, but the Persian has got so much fur that it requires assistance for grooming it. Persians are also a breed most receptive to hairballs from grooming their large heaps of fur, so to prevent hairballs and matting human intervention should be done be ensuring that you as an owner should groom your Persian four times a week minimum.

Ginger Persian cat

Temperament Edit

The Persian is an affectionate breed which loves human company. It is a breed which would rather be an indoor cat rather than an out door cat. They prefer the roam of the house and are a good example of a lap cat. They follow their owners around the house and crave human affection and bond very strongly with their owners.

Coat Edit

The Persian has a long and very silky thick coat which requires a lot on maintenance. The breed requires grooming every four days per week, this prevents the fur from matting. Grooming the cat also prevents hairballs from occurring, particulary in longhaired breeds which cannot manage to groom their long coat by themselves.

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