Domestic Short Hair is usually used as a normal example of a cat. They are very common in households. This
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A VERY cute cat

breed evolved from wild cats adapting to human enroachment and natural selection without difference in coat length or body characteristics. The domestic shorthair varies in coloration and personality. The domestic shorthair was among the first breeds to be domesticated, meaning that all the new breeds originate from the main domestic shorthair.

Coat Edit

The domestic shorthair has a short and dense coat which does not require alot of grooming. However they do shed their dead hair especially during spring so just a brush through once a week would be good to remove the dead hairs on the fur.

Grooming Edit

As the breed has short fur the grooming requipments are small. However, a good brush makes every cat feeling good and exempt her from the hairballs and the fallen hair.

Temperament Edit

The domestic shorthair likes nothing more than human company. They enjoy attention and will often follow an owner around the house. The love to be involved and will lend a hand, the cat equivalent of purring to chear you up at that moment. They are none territorial breed, unless neutered and do get along with dogs, other cats and other animals..

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