Dogs and Cats Wiki

Everyone knows that you should feed your pet!! But if you don't know anything more than that, then here's some more tips on essential care (dogs only):

1: Take your dog to the vetinary clinic and ask for them to be microchipped. Microchipping is to put a little invisable digital plate or chip on your dog. This is on the end of a small needle in most cases. PLEASE NOTE: it dosen't hurt your pet at all, but there may be a few drops of blood coming from your dog but your pet won't even notice.

INFO ABOUT MICROCHIPS: Microchips are advised to be put on your dog so that if it gets lost, someone cn take the dog to either a police station or a vetinary clinic and the vet will scan your dog for a microchip. On the microchip they put some information in it (using a special machine). When the microchip is scanned, the owners name, phone number and address will appear on the screen. This will then be used to try and reunite the pet with it's owner.

2: Regular flea/tick checks: it is essential to ALWAYS check your dog (or a pet with fur) regularly for fleas/ticks. In some cases, they can oth e there at the same time!! With a THOROUGH wash with a special anti flea/tick shampoo to remove the fleas/ticks. You could even have them yourself so check your hair!! WARNING: TICKS CAN STICK TO YOUR SKIN AND SUCK ALL YOUR BLOOD OUT THAT IN VERY RARE AND SERIOUS CASES, COULD KILL YOU!!! CHECK!!

3: Take your pets out for walks - if not, they're claws will get too long and will become a danger hazard. Also, lack of exercise means that your dog can become obese that could pose some rather risky problems for your dog. Also, THEY WILL GET BORED!