Blue Paul Terrier

Other names

Black & Tan Terrier
Blue Poll Bulldog
Blue Poll

Breed Origin

Scotland, possibly England and Wales


Male: Unknown
Female: Unknown


Male: Unknown
Female: Unknown



Litter size


Life span


The Blue Paul Terrier is a breed of fighting dog.


The Blue Paul Terrier had a smooth coat and were powerfully built. They weighed about 15 kg and measured up to 50 cm at the withers. The head was large; the forehead was flat, muzzle short and square, large and broad but not receding like that of the Bulldog. The jaws and teeth were even with no overhanging flews. They had a slight dip between the eyes, which were dark hazel and not sunken, prominent, nor showing haw. The ears were small, thin, set on high, and invariably cropped, and the face was not wrinkled. The eyebrows contracted or knit. The facial expression of the Blue Paul has never been seen in any other breed and can frequently be recognized in mixed-breed dogs. The body was round and well ribbed up, its back short, broad, and muscular but not roached, and its chest deep and wide. The tail was set low and devoid of fringe, rather drooping and never rising above the back. The dog stood straight and firmly on its legs. Its forelegs were stout and muscular, showing no curve. The hind legs were very thick and strong, with well-developed muscles.


No one seems to have full knowledge as to how the Blue Pauls were bred or from where they originally came. There was a story that John Paul Jones, the Scottish born American sailor, brought them from abroad and landed some when he visited his native town of Kirkcudbright about 1770. They were game to the death and could suffer much punishment. They were expert and tricky in their fighting tactics, which made them great favorites with those who indulged in this sport. They maintained that the breed originally came from the Galloway coast, which lends support to the Paul Jones legend. The dogs to arrive in the United States with the English immigrants in the mid-19th century were the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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