This relatively new breed has a unique tail that reaches halfway down the hocks and can be curved, kinky or bumpy. It stands upright when this cat is alert.


In the 1960s, a bobtailed tabby kitten from Arizona was bred to create a bobtailed cat with a coat similar to a Snowshoe. Further work on the breed in the 1980s created the American Bobtail, now recognized by several US associations.


The American Bobtail has a brawny, medium-length body. Its broad head has a distinctive brow over deep-set, large eyes. The moderately large, low-set ears have rounded tips.

Its double-layered coat has a resilient outer layer and a downy undercoat. The hair can be medium-length or long, with tufts on the ears and feet of longhaired cats. Although the coat does not mat, ot needs grooming at least twice a week to remove loose hair.


Though this cat has a wild appearance, it is good natured and inquisitive. It can learn tricks and games. The American Bobtail is relatively slow to mature, taking three years to reach its full adult body type.

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